We are here to help our current patients and new patients.

During 9am to 5pm

Simply phone our receptionists on 01730 812 022 so that we can help. We will aim to see you on the day, but it may not be with your regular dentist.

Out of Hours - Rota Service

We are part of a rota with other local practices to ensure our current patients have access to emergency care out of hours. The rota telephone number is 01243 958 900. The main features of this service are:

  • Your call will be taken by the on-call dentist. You may need to leave a voice message, but they will phone you back shortly.
  • Advice from this service is free. The only treatment that will be offered out of hours is emergency care.
  • As several practices work together to provide this service, you may have to travel a short distance. Please make sure you ask the treating dentist their call-out fee and an estimate of treatment charges. The call-out fee will typically be £100,  but no more than £180. Treatment charges are capped at £120.

Out of Hours - Jubilee Clinic

An additional free service is available at St Richard’s Hospital Jubilee Clinic. This can be contacted by telephoning 01243 793 697.

Out of Hours - A&E

Certain dental emergencies may be very serious and if you cannot contact dental help you should consider phoning 999 or attending the A&E department. These include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Swelling that is affecting your breathing, swallowing or causing your eye to close.