A crown (sometimes known as a cap), is a cover that is fitted over a tooth using a dental adhesive. They can be recommended for a number of reasons. They can offer the very superior aesthetics required in an aesthetic makeover, or they can simply restore strength where the structure of a tooth has been compromised. Many materials are available, ranging from the oldest which is gold to cutting-edge ceramics. Modern ceramics achieve the excellent aesthetic results that our patients increasingly desire.


What is involved?

  • We prepare the affected tooth by removing a thin layer of the outer surface, being sure to leave a strong core to maintain the health of the tooth.
  • Impressions are taken and the shade of your teeth noted to allow for a perfect match.
  • We then fit a temporary restoration to protect the prepared tooth while awaiting your permanent crown.
  • The impressions are sent to our laboratory where skilled technicians fabricate your final restoration. 
  • When ready, the crown will be checked for fit and appearance and then fixed in place with a special dental adhesive.

How long do crowns last for?

  • Crowns are made of inert materials that do not deteriorate over time. However, the underlying tooth is still prone to decay and gum disease. Ceramic layers can chip or fracture, but this is virtually unheard of with the most modern materials. At St. Oswald’s our ‘superior’ crowns are covered by a 5-year guarantee, (conditions apply).
  • Daily brushing and flossing are essential to avoid gum disease and decay at the most vulnerable portion of the crown which is the junction between the tooth and the crown.
  • As always, regular check-ups are essential and will enable your dentist to detect any problems in their early stages.pow