A Prevention Based Approach

Regular examinations are the cornerstone to prevention focused care. They allow many issues to be avoided entirely. If you do develop a problem, it’ll likely be identified early on. This means any necessary treatment should be simpler and less costly than if the issue had been allowed to advance. It is with these facts in mind that we encourage regular check-ups.

The 3 Stages to an Exam

1. Identifying Goals

Some patients are looking for reassurance everything is healthy, others have specific goals such as whiter teeth. This is your time to steer the exam to suit you.

2. Clinical Assessment

A comprehensive clinical assessment, including any necessary further investigations such as routine x-rays at no extra cost.

3. Discussion

Your dentist will update you on their findings. If necessary, they will then discuss any appropriate treatment options with you. Once you have agreed a plan together, you will be provided with a written estimate.

* If time allows the dentist may also perform a quick clean of your teeth. However, this cursory clean should not be mistaken for a hygienist appointment which is a dedicated 30 minutes.