Teeth Straightening with Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Aligner

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of orthodontics – treatment to move your teeth. Traditionally, this has been achieved with “train track” braces. Invisalign is a more subtle alternative to metal wires, relying instead on clear trays (aligners) that are worn over your teeth. You will be provided with a series of aligners, typically moving on to the next one each week. The aligners differ slightly in shape, applying gentle pressure to your teeth to move them towards their ideal position.

How long will it take?

Every person is different and there is no one single answer to this question. Some people may need very few aligners meaning the treatment will be quick, others may need a lot more adding to the time. To get an accurate answer to this question you can book an Invisalign consultation. This will allow us to talk about your goals, as well as take the necessary records to make a virtual model of your teeth and the planned movements.

How much does it cost?

£2995 for simple cases, top and bottom teeth.
£3600 for moderate cases, top and bottom teeth.
Complex cases will likely be referred to a specialist

Payments can be spread throughout treatment.

What is included?

• All your Invisalign appointments
• Tooth coloured attachments – placement and removal
• Up to 20 sets of aligners
• Tooth whitening – towards the end of your alignment process
• One set of removable retainers
• Before and after photographs

What is not included?

• Permanent retainers
• Hygiene Appointments
• Any General Dentistry (e.g., fillings, extractions, root canal, etc)
• Altering the shape of your teeth – sometimes an ideal smile will require contouring the shape of the teeth edges. Should you wish to alter the shape of your teeth, then bonding of tooth coloured filling materials can be done. This is typically at a cost of £100 per tooth.

What will it look like?

For a simulation of the result you can use the Invisalign trial simulation tool by clicking the link below. This is a computer-generated simulation of what your smile may look like after clear aligner treatment. Actual results may vary.

How can I book in for a consultation?

Simply phone our reception team and ask for an Invisalign consultation with one of our Invisalign providers, for a fee of £54.